How quickly to teach the child to letters

How quickly to teach the child to letters

As soon as the kid begins to talk full phrases, training in letters can begin. During this period children most quicker remember the arriving information. If at the child abstract thinking and memory are rather developed, then he is able to learn the alphabet in 3-4 months.

It is required to you

  • — cubes;
  • — cards with the image of letters;
  • — magnetic board;
  • — posters.


1. You teach the kid to letters in playful way. Let classes will be not persuasive, not long, but regular. Allocate at first for a lesson of 5-7 minutes, gradually increasing time, finish up to 25-35 minutes. Try to interest the kid that he was an initiator of training in the alphabet.

2. Teach the child at first to sounds, and then their image — to letters. Explain to the kid that any word consists of sounds, and then point to communication of this sound and its written form. From the very beginning you teach the kid to say sounds correctly. For example, "M" instead of "Me" or Em, differently in a consequence it will be more difficult to learn to read it.

3. Get for the child cubes with letters and pictures. Try for a start to teach the child to associate letters with familiar objects of use, close people, toys, animal. Call a sound and suggest the kid to find a cube with the corresponding letter. When he completely masters this game, show other pictures with the same letters. Except cubes, magnetic posters, children's computers, cards with the image of letters, boards with magnetic letters will help with studying letters.

4. Repeat constantly learned material. Read to the child the rhymes beginning with the passable letter. Before going to bed ask what letter he learned in a today.

5. Surround the kid with the image of letters. It can be posters on walls or just cut out silhouettes of letters from cardboard, bed linen and clothes with the alphabet, soft toys, cookies in the form of letters, children's ware, magnetics on the fridge. When the child constantly faces the objects representing letters, he quicker them will remember.

6. You praise the kid for each his success. Thus you maintain interest in training, will create motivation and an incentive to study. It is not necessary to abuse the little person for mistakes at all. It can lead further to development of complexes and uncertainty to itself. As soon as the kid masters the alphabet, teach it to put letters in syllables, and then syllables in words.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team