How takes to connect for the child

How takes to connect for the child

Knitting – very fascinating and at the same time useful occupation. Having connected by the hands any thing, you can embody in it the imagination and a delicate taste. Children who have mothers – needlewomen always fashionably and are elegantly dressed. Let's consider how easily and it is quickly possible to connect a beret for the child.

It is required to you

  • - yarn
  • - hook or needles


1. The beret on the child of 3-4 years will require 100-150 g of yarn. If you want warm beretik, take half-woolen yarn or a mohair.

2. A hook of the necessary thickness (see yarn packing) we knit a chain of 4 air loops and we close it in a ring a connecting semi-column.

3. Further we knit the main pattern - semi-columns with nakidy. They turn out above usual columns without nakid therefore the beret matches quicker and looks better.Polustolbik pattern with nakidy: we do nakid on a hook, then we enter a hook into a loop of the previous row, we take working thread and we stretch it at the same time through all three loops which are on a hook.

4. We knit a beret around. The chain of 4 loops is a 0th row. Further we knit: 1 row - 8 semi-columns with nakidy (s/st. with/N); The 2nd row - we double number of s/st. with/N = 16 loops; The 3rd row - we do increases of loops through 1 loop, that is of one loop provyazyvay 1 s/st. with/N, and from the second - 2 s/st. with/N, etc.; The 4th row – we do increases through 2 loops: 2 loops provyazyvay s/st. with/N, in the third we knit 2 s/st. with/N, etc.

5. Thus, the beret from eight wedges will turn out. When you reached the size of a bottom of a beret necessary to you, about 25 cm, it is necessary to knit three rows of s/st. with/N without addition of loops. After that we begin to diminish loops.

6. We divide quantity of the received loops into 8 and we diminish through the received quantity of loops, passing one loop of the previous row. We diminish until the beret is not to the child by the size. As a rim it is possible to knit several rows of columns without nakid or columns with nakidy.

7. It is possible to connect a beret for the child also by needles, the principle of knitting remains to the same, i.e. loops increase and diminished according to the same scheme. The main thing that decreases and additions were carried out strictly between beret wedges, then a product will look accurately and beautifully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team