How to accelerate fights

How to accelerate fights

If childbirth proceeds slowly, then it becomes heartrending experience for the child and mom. Acceleration of fights and patrimonial process can be dictated by medical indications therefore use of all available methods is supposed.


1. At the first signs beginningchildbirthof woman can take measures that process was not tightened and too long. It is necessary to move, change of position of a body not only will accelerate fights, but also will give relief in the form of decrease in pain and unpleasant feelings. You pace about the room, squat, change position of a body more often. It is useful to shake hips here and there, to bend forward during the fight.

2. Empty a bladder more often – in the crowded state it can slow down passing of a head of the child. During the fights all feelings are aggravated, and you can not feel desire to urinate therefore try to relax and check urination process.

3. If you are at home, then it is possible to take a warm shower or a bath. Such procedure will reduce painful feelings and will help to relax muscles, facilitating course of fights and stimulating patrimonial process. To strengthen fights, it is possible to try to wash up floors, several times to rise and come downstairs, have sex. Sexual intercourse strengthens blood circulation in a small basin that can become an additional incentive for activization of childbirth. The irritation of nipples causes uterine reductions therefore the light, tickling massage of a breast can be made independently or to ask someone from close people. The laxative enema promotes reduction of intestines that at the same time affects a uterus, causing its activity.

4. Medical ways of acceleration of fights are designed to reduce duration of patrimonial process and are carried out already in maternity hospital. The puncture of a fetal bubble is the painless procedure and causes strong strengthening of fights. Introduction of stimulators of patrimonial activity will help to make active fights. Artificially caused contractions become strong and frequent, increase pain therefore introduction of the anesthetizing medicines can be required.

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