How to accelerate process of childbirth

How to accelerate process of childbirth

Even experienced obstetricians are not always able to foretell how process of childbirth at any given woman will long last. Childbirth is considered as prolonged if the neck of the uterus under the influence of fights reveals less, than on half-centimeter an hour. Medicamentous intervention can affect considerably disclosure speed, but also the woman herself is capable to take some steps that childbirth took place quicker.

It is required to you

  • - quiet music;
  • - aromatic oils;
  • - help of the partner.


1. There is no need to accelerate process of childbirth if the neck of the uterus reacts to fights, gradually reveals, and indicators of KTG remain within norm. It means that the child continues to feel well, and your organism, perhaps, just needs slightly more time to cope with a situation, unusual for it. Also you should not forget that at the giving birth woman the feeling of time can not correspond to real. Sometimes it seems to her that there passed already whole eternity, and meanwhile, arrows on hours hardly moved from the place.

2. If you wish to give rise quicker, several simple tricks will help to bring closer to you the moment of a meeting with the kid.

3. You do not lie during the fights. Try to give to the body vertical position. It is possible to go, stand, be shaken here and there or it is even simple to sit on a bed. Except fights will influence the kid at the same time also gravity therefore he will become even stronger from within to press on a neck of the uterus, doing disclosure more and more.

4. Regularly change a body position. It not only will accelerate process of childbirth, but also will help you to find such situation in which fights will be felt less painfully.

5. Try to eat and drink exactly so much how many you want it. Perhaps, your organism lacks energy for so hard work, and the small piece of chocolate will only help fights to become more intensive. But do not forget to consult before food to physicians if those expect that childbirth can end Caesarian with section, nevertheless it is better to refrain from having a snack.

6. You descend in a toilet. The crowded bladder can weaken action of fights. Despite pain, try not to be clamped. Relax though it will be and it is difficult. Thereby you will only help yourself. Massage area of a sacrum or ask about it the partner accompanying you. Foot massage, steam inhalation of lavender oil, a heat bath or a shower stream and quiet music can help relaxation, so and process of childbirth too.

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