How to accept vitamins to children

How to accept vitamins to children

Growth and development of children requires receipt of a number of vitamins and minerals. The lack of vitamins B an organism of the child involves rickets, insufficient growth of a body, late emergence of teeth, and in the subsequent problems with teeth. Besides, the child begins to be ill often, to eat badly and to sleep badly.


1. Only the local pediatrician can appoint any vitamin complexes or separate group of vitamins. Absolutely inadmissibly to give to the child any vitamins without the recommendation of the doctor. The lack of vitamins and minerals, of course, leads certain problems with growth, health and appetite, but not to compare it in any way to harm which will be done to the child by uncontrolled intake of vitamins. The excess of vitamins or one some vitamin and also minerals does irreparable harm to the child. If the doctor appointed to your child reception of vitamin complexes, then it is necessary to give them in a digestible form which is specially developed for children of certain age.

2. When you begin to give to the child vitamin complexes or some type of vitamins, the first week it is necessary to monitor reaction of the kid. If the child had first signs of allergic reactions, a lock, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, a headache, drowsiness or insomnia, symptoms of suffocation, concern, then immediately stop intake of vitamins and see a doctor. If reaction to vitamins develops in a sharp form, immediately cause emergency aid.

3. Giving to the child vitamin complexes, always strictly observe the recommended dose. If the organism already is saturated with vitamins, then allergic reactions can begin even if earlier the child never had an allergy. Therefore at the first symptoms of rashes on skin stop intake of vitamins and see a doctor.

4. Any vitamins need to be given after a meal or during meal that on a children's stomach there was the minimum influence.

5. The most acceptable form of vitamins for the child are complexes in the form of gels, powders or syrup. They are most easily acquired and it is easy to establish an individual dose for reception, than at intake of vitamins B a dragee or capsules, besides children with pleasure accept them.

6. Right after that as you gave to the child a dose of a vitamin complex, remove a pack or a bottle to the place, inaccessible for the child, as cases are frequent when the child reached packing and ate all pack of vitamins that can be dangerous not only to health, but also to the child's life.

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