How to accustom children to reading

How to accustom children to reading

Reading books for the kid is very important, how for development of emotional and reader's skills, and for improvement of the speech. But, if you cannot accustom the child to read books independently in any way, or he does not want to learn to read at all, then you will be helped by advice how will accustom the kid to read. Teach the kid to read with pleasure books independently.


1. Every day read to your child some interesting book. But do not read all book at once, read fragments, for example 2-4 pages that the kid had interest in reading. Then, sooner or later, he will want to read it to learn continuation. At the same time, without resorting to your help.

2. If to impart to it it since early childhood, then he will become interested in it and will re-read still a set of various books, it will do it with light baggage. Having read one interesting book, your kid will ask you to buy it one more. Thus, your child will have a great interest to reading books. And having read that book which will be pleasant to it, he will want to re-read it again and again.

3. Process of training of your child to reading will be long, he at first needs to learn letters which write books, then to learn them correctly to say and only then already to read something.

4. Reading various books is as culture which will gradually come to your child and he will understand that in each book there is the interest which can be learned, having only read it. After reading of the book, take an interest as your kid apprehended all acts of the main characters whether the termination of the book was pleasant to it. When he tells you about what the book, listen to him attentively, and after his story, ask questions on which he could give the answer. For it it will be very interesting and fascinating.

5. It is also possible to hold with it some competition, on the subject ""my favourite hero"" or still any. Think up it, the main thing - give in to it that he felt though some interest in this competition. Well, and after such competitions and stories your child will understand that in each book there is the interest.

6. At school at a lesson, it will be interesting to your kid, he will express the opinion, the criticism. At school he will well spend the time. Every day you hold with it various quizes in which he would take active part. Ask to it some interesting riddle and help to guess it by means of some hints. Also, play with the child more verbal games in which he will need to include the thinking.

7. Let's the kid express the opinion, do not kill it. Then touch during any game upon a subject, into the account of what book is pleasant to it most of all. And what heroes were pleasant to your kid in this book, than it is interesting, the minuses and the pluses. Let the child will tell you about acts of heroes, and you tell him what act bad, and what good.

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