How to accustom the baby to sleep

How to accustom the baby to sleep

Generally children from the first days of life sleep very well both in the afternoon, and at night. But there are also babies whose parents cannot brag of quiet nights. In order that your child became better to sleep, it is necessary to adhere to certain principles of behavior.


1. Do not dramatize a situation! Firstborns in most cases sleep worse, than subsequently their younger brothers and sisters. You belong more simply, newborns can wake up several times in a night, but at the same time and they can fall asleep independently, having a little complained. If you consider each night awakening a reason for concern, then and the baby will involuntarily adapt to the general disturbing background.

2. Make sure that the child has enough milk. Check monthly or once a week the weight of the baby. As, perhaps, the reason of concern of the kid and a bad dream is connected with an insufficient lactation at mother.

3. Cope with gripes. Consult to the pediatrician what medicines it is better to apply. But for a start try to do without them, for example, use an exhaust tube, make massage of a stomach or apply to it warm diapers.

4. Do not touch and do not kiss the kid during sleep. Leave all manifestations of love and tenderness for wakefulness as it you will kill to the baby a dream. Create night sleep by priority business for all family. If all apartment sank into a sleep, then and the kid will fall asleep.

5. Create a withdrawal ritual for sleeping, for example before it buy the kid or make massage. During bathing of the baby muffle light, talk with it a tender, low voice. Wipe the kid the smooth stroking movements as though you do him massage. In few weeks of such exercises your kid will sleep without night awakenings and whims.

6. Putting the kid to bed, turn off the light as even the most insignificant lighting prevents production of melatonin in an organism. For very disturbing and timid kids include dim night lamps or leave light in the distant room and you hold a door to the nursery slightly opened. Do not use light from the screen of the working TV or the computer at all, it can frighten the baby of the blinking in the dark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team