How to accustom the child is a spoon

How to accustom the child is a spoon

Until recently your kid was not able to hold a spoon in hand, and now surely is active it, however, sometimes not to destination. To accustom the child is independently, parents will need a lot of patience and diligence as, however, and to the kid.


1. It is necessary to acquaint the child with a spoon as soon as he learns to hold it. One spoon at the same time should be given to the baby, and mom feeds with the second the child. Get a special children's spoon for the kid, their choice is huge now. But be not overzealous with details, purpose of a spoon consists not in a game at all therefore and it is necessary to apply it respectively.

2. For the same reason do not allow the child to play meal time. If it has a desire to feed a doll or a bear, let will use for this purpose toy plateaus and spoons after eats. The kid has to acquire that meal time do not play and do not read. Having allowed the child to play about at a table, it will be more difficult for you to accustom him to eat independently.

3. Of course, at first porridge on walls, a floor and clothes of the baby will not manage to be avoided. But you remember what so will be not always, and process of training without such small troubles is simply not possible. Therefore get to the kid fartuchek which will protect clothes of the little eater. Do not abuse the child for the spoon which is carried by by a mouth with porridge. Having raised the voice few times, you will beat off the kid has a desire independently, subsequently to accustom such child to a spoon much more difficultly.

4. Accustoming the kid to eat from a spoon, comment on each your action. Explain to the child as why you put on a spoon, at the same time help it to scoop food from a plateau and to bring to a mouth. You praise for each successful movement. Do not laugh at how the kid eats. Next time he will repeat spreading of food again on a table and clothes which so amused mom and dad.

5. Usually acquaintance of the kid to a spoon is begun as soon as to it year was executed. However finally the skill of the independent consumption of food is formed at children by two years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team