How to accustom the child not to wake up at night

How to accustom the child not to wake up at night

Instead of sleeping after actively spent day tight, your child constantly wakes up at night and asks to drink, eat or play? Try to calm before going to bed nervous system of the kid and to provide him a deep healthy sleep, having taken the following advice.


1. Every day put the kid to bed at the same time. Accompany withdrawal for sleeping with the repeating ritual: a shower, clothing, reading the fairy tale for the night. Exclude noisy and outdoor games in the evening that the child before going to bed was not overexcited.

2. Whenever possible do not allow the kid to play in the bed during the day: use it only for a dream. Get sleeping bedding sets for the kid from soft calico or sateen. If fabric irritates the skin, then the dream of the kid will be uneasy. It is better if drawings are on an abstract subject, without fantastic plots. Pastel colors, gentle unostentatious paints will help the kid to relax.

3. Allow the kid to sleep with a favourite toy (a doll, a bear and so forth). The plush friend will help to soften to the kid separation from parents for the night, will give him feeling of stability. It is important for the child when he falls asleep or wakes up during the night.

4. Leave included in a night lamp that, having woken up at night, the kid could see objects familiar to it. The muffled, diffused light of a night lamp weakens, lulls and does not frighten the child. Having woken up and having seen a familiar situation, he will calm down and again will quickly and strong fall asleep.

5. Be attentive to the kid if he wakes up at an inopportune time. Check whether it is cold to him or whether, on the contrary, the kid sweated. Cool the nose and handles of the child demonstrate that he froze the sweated neck – sign that to the kid very hot. Try to change clothes of it for suitable clothes carefully.

6. Perhaps, it became difficult for child to breathe because of a stuffy nose. Track that before going to bed nostrils of the kid were cleaned. Remove from the room the objects causing allergies (perfumery, hairsprays collecting dust soft toys and so forth). During a heating season use a humidifier or for the night put under a bed and on a windowsill of container with water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team