How to accustom the child to a pillow

How to accustom the child to a pillow

To accustom the child to a pillow, at first define when you do it. Pick up correct from the physiological point of view and a convenient pillow. Do everything gradually and consistently and do not force the kid to sleep on a pillow if he does not want it.

It is required to you

  • - pillow;
  • - pillowcase of quiet tones.


1. To accustom the child to a pillow, it is necessary to determine the age of the kid optimum for schooling. There are many opinions on this occasion, but most of pediatricians considers that you should not give to the child a pillow before achievement of one-year-old age by it anyway. Kids about one year have a weak backbone and because of a pillow it can quite be bent. When to the kid year was executed, observe it. If he in every possible way tries to enclose something under the head, then try to offer him a small pillow. If the attempt was unsuccessful, then schooling should be postponed. Everything individually and to you it is not necessary to equal on any framework and temporary borders.

2. Successfully to accustom the child to sleep on a pillow, choose this pillow. The sizes usually standard are also 40 centimeters in width and 60 centimeters in length. The children's pillow has to be low, almost flat. Thickness should not exceed 5-7 centimeters, but in process of growth of the kid it will increase. Fillers can be different. A feather, sheepskin wool and down are natural materials, but they can cause allergies. Sintepon has no smell, is hypoallergenic, passes air and evaporates moisture, but is pretty fast rumpled. The best option for the kid is a buckwheat pod. It will provide necessary support due to rigidity, will not cause allergies and will serve long, keeping initial appearance.

3. It is necessary to accustom the kid to a pillow gradually as to the child can be unusually and inconveniently sleep in new and unknown situation. For a start suggest the baby to lie down just a little on a pillow. If it is pleasant to it, leave a pillow on a daytime sleep. But watch that to the child it was convenient and comfortable. It is important to watch also safety as the pillow can complicate breath of the baby. If the kid slept well in the afternoon, then try to leave a pillow for the night. Periodically you approach a bed and check, whether all as it should be. If the child began to play with a pillow and did not understand yet why this subject is necessary, then it is better to postpone schooling. In case of resistance of the kid and refusal of a pillow do not try to insist, it is useless.

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