How to accustom the child to go on big on a pot

How to accustom the child to go on big on a pot

At many mothers the question of schooling to a pot is particularly acute very much. First, overcome doubts concerning at what age it is necessary to begin schooling to a pot. Secondly, what pot it is better to buy. And thirdly – how to accustom the child to go to a pot more? Most of experts advise to begin schooling from 1.5 years because to this age the child cannot simply control the desires in a toilet.

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1. The child will not begin to ask on a pot if not to accustom him to it. Age, when child it is necessary to accustom to a pot, became objects of hot discussions in many families. And still there are several moments which will help you to define whether it is possible to accustom the kid to a pot already: - The kid wakes up in the dry afternoon after a dream - there Can be more than one-two hours dry - Is able to remove and put on panties - does not suffer wet diapers - Shows interest in a toilet - Notifies you on what wants in a toilet

2. If you can call at least a half of the listed points, then safely buy a pot. Begin to land regularly the child after a daytime sleep, try to repeat each 2 hours the procedure in order that the child got used to a pot.

3. You praise it even if it also is not going to use a pot to destination. The main thing is to help the kid to make friends with this adaptation. And do not force the child to sit violently on a pot yet, otherwise it will develop negative perception of this subject.

4. To accustom the kid to go to a pot more, watch his behavior, marking those moments when the child has a chair (the child calms down, groans or makes an effort, ceasing to play this moment), quickly put it on a pot. If he refuses, then it is possible to try to put kcal in a pot and to express positive emotions about it that the child understood that he is pleasant to you when excrements are in a pot.

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