How to accustom the child to politeness

How to accustom the child to politeness

It is necessary to accustom to politeness of the child since the earliest childhood. It is better to begin it to do since that moment as the kid learned to pronounce separate words. It is very important to set the child an example with the behavior therefore together with training of the kid it is necessary to work also over itself.


1. Many serious skills of children can be taught in the course of the game. The politeness is not an exception. It is possible to lose with the child of a sketch with elements of traditions of a tea drinking, romantic date or just polite communication. The boy in the course of the game it is possible with respect validly treats girls, to give way, and to girls - to impart the true lines of the little lady.

2. During the game, cleaning or walks do not forget to tell to the child polite words. For example, do not speak ""Collect toys!"", and tell ""Collect, please, toys"". If the child hears more often polite words, he will consider it norm and it is not necessary to give him special lessons.

3. If the moment is missed, and the child already got used to try to obtain the without polite words, then such situation can also be corrected. Methods for this purpose will be required others. Pay attention to the behavior. If the kid demands from you any actions by mandative tone, just do not react to its remarks. As soon as you hear polite words - surely reciprocate. Accurately designate to the child the chosen line of your behavior, tell it that you will satisfy requests only at the due address to you.

4. Do not combine punishment of the child with the requirement of manifestation of politeness. If you stand the kid in the corner and mandative tone you will demand from it apologies, the child quickly will understand your desires, but in the distorted form. Children have to understand a politeness essence, but not use a word for satisfaction of the requirements. For example, if to the kid bothers to stand in a corner, he will understand what is enough to be told ""I will not be any more"" and punishment will be cancelled. The child has to understand the meaning of words and say them with sincere intonation.

5. Show the meaning of politeness on the example of your family. Agree with the husband, as often as possible to thank each other at the child, to tell polite words and phrases. If the kid grows in such atmosphere, then good behavior will become for it integral.

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