How to accustom the child to remain to one

How to accustom the child to remain to one

Now the independence is a major quality of each person. In the given case the independence makes extensive sense of the word: ability to find solutions in any problems, and not to shift them to shoulders of foreign person and also to have ability of decision-making without someone's help and to be responsible completely for their acceptance.


1. It is impossible to leave the kid at home absolutely alone as there are any children and any parents. Everything consists in individual development of each child whether independent he, or nevertheless does not depart from a mother's skirt. There are also uneasy children who are frightened own shadow or on the contrary absolutely quiet, obedient, and can inveterate hooligans? But, despite everything, it is not necessary to leave the kid up to three years at home absolutely alone without observation. At such age children still very much depend on parents, and they did not rather develop intelligence which can help the kid not to get into trouble. The authoritativeness of a word of parents is of great importance for the child. It is necessary to remember that before you begin to leave the house, it is necessary to prepare yours the baby.

2. To learn to solve the problems completely independently, without addressing for council parents and to be completely capable to independent acts in the life, there are favorable periods of life: age "I" (2-3 years), entry into age of the school student (7 years), development of the teenage period (11-12 years) and beginning of youth (16-17 years).

3. For the first time parents meet a question of independence of the child, at two-year age of the kid. It is accepted to call a step from 2 to 3 years crisis "I". It occurs absolutely not casually: just at this age to the child the understanding of its personal otdelyonnost from parents comes that it is not a part of mom or dad, and people, independent. Criteria "that it can itself" and "that to it for it there will be" a child and begins to check with huge desire of limit of the independence.

4. Short absences, for example, to the neighbor or in shop behind products can be the beginning of schooling of the child to independence. The child needs to be warned surely about the leaving in advance, and to receive the most important from it consent to your lack of the house. Promise nothing to the kid in the form of, for example, any sweets, that you will not be any time of the house. The child has to understand that you go to shop not behind gifts, and behind necessary products. Otherwise the child will get over that you buy something to him for the absence and will begin to ask every time: "And you bought something to me?" It is quite possible to promise it an award of the non-material plan - what he loves. For example, to make to it its favourite cake, to bake pancakes, to play with it any game.

5. Some consider that the child has to get used to loneliness since six months. Occupy themselves he already can in this period of the life if, of course, parents give it such opportunity.

6. When you are engaged in kitchen in preparation of a lunch, leave the child in the room that it could occupy itself(himself) with something. The independence at such option will develop at it many times quicker. And every day time for his independent life will increase. Only in this case the child will be prepared for your total absence.

7. Your child grows, and before you already new problems: (The senior preschool), and especially 7-9 years (younger school age) when he spends the time near mom less, and the contact with surrounding reality begins to find 5-7 years independently and the circle of his communication significantly grows. And already it is not about independence, but also about safety of your child, inseparably linked with it, with which bases the child needs to be acquainted surely!

8. In order that the child felt more comfortably in your absence, and you were quiet, remember several important aspects: never frighten the kid by the different beeches and baddies which hid in a corner and ready to attack it if he does not obey you. It is very heavy to dissuade the child from it when want to leave him at home one then. Before leaving surely tell when specifically you return and by all means keep a promise. In case be late, call and warn the child. The kid has to remember that it is impossible to approach a plate at all. It is no secret that all accidents cannot be provided, more correct not only to forbid some things, but also to teach the child to use something (for example, the microwave). If you plan to return when on the street it is already dark, do not forget to turn on surely in advance the light in all rooms where your child can play, will be so quieter to both him and you.

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