How to accustom the child to sleep in the bed

How to accustom the child to sleep in the bed

Optimal variant when the child sleeps in the bed since the birth. But sometimes, because of whims or diseases, parents take away the child to sleep to themselves in a bed. These should not be fond as to disaccustom the kid to sleep in common happens very hard.

Evening lessons

Before going to bed try to be engaged with the child in some fascinating occupation. For example, read together the fairy tale, draw the drawing and hang up it over a bed. It is also possible to play favourite games or to watch animated films. Thus, the kid will have a positive association before going to bed. For certain the child will not want to fall asleep in the bed at once, but you have to have patience, at later age it will be much more difficult to be made.

Observance of the mode of a dream

Set a certain mode of a dream that is in what time you have to go to bed for all family members. Consider that dream duration – not less than 8 hours. Stack the kid in the set mode, trying not to take it on hands.

Replacement method

This method is that at falling asleep of the child it is necessary to create the atmosphere of presence of parents. Before going to bed tell the kid that you will be nearby, and he needs to sleep in the bed. For now you are not, it will be necessary to sleep with him its favourite toy (let the child himself will choose).

Calm method

This method will suit not all as here the special endurance and patience is required. It consists in the following:

1. Before going to bed feed and bath the kid, put on clean clothes. Be not fond of outdoor and noisy games in the evening not to overexcite mentality of the child.

2. Put the child in the bed. Tell that now he will sleep here.

3. In a few minutes leave to other room, having left the kid of one. Of course, he can loudly begin to cry, but it is necessary to sustain at least up to 5 minutes. But if he from crying began to cough already or strange sounds appeared, immediately come back to the child.                                                                   

This method for the most stood parents. If it does not suit you, use other above-mentioned methods.

To accustom the child to sleep in the bed follows, as soon as possible. The main thing, have patience and do not give up at the first difficulties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team