How to accustom the child to sleep in the room

How to accustom the child to sleep in the room

From 3 years the child begins to feel how the independent personality, and to accustom the child to sleep in the room it is desirable from this age. Not all children easily give up a habit to sleep in a parental bed, to help the child to change it will help several advice.


1. Happens that to the child 6 years, and he everything does not want to sleep one in any way. It is necessary to understand that not the kid, but his parents who did not insist on the in time is guilty of it and, having shown a myagkoserdechnost, continue to allow the son or the daughter to use a situation. In this case it is necessary persistently, but not sharply to explain to the child that he already grew up and became independent. It is better to make a transfer to the certain bedroom gradually, it is impossible to allow stresses, let knows that sometimes it will have an opportunity to spend the night with parents, this fact will calm and will relax the kid.

2. It is necessary to work softly, but it is firm, encouraging the child and praising him for obedience. It is necessary that he well understood that he at him is planned every evening and the ritual does not change, at first washing, then putting on of a pajamas, farewell to toys, reading the fairy tale before going to bed and directly dream embracing a favourite bear.

3. To sleep it is necessary to lay down in certain time if the child is afraid to fill up one, then it is possible to suggest it to leave for a while a night lamp included. Try to develop the positive relation to a bed in the child as to the place of its dwelling, dim bed linen together, let him know that he is an owner of the room and a berth.

4. It is important that all adult family members lived in consent and supported desire of parents to accustom the child to sleep in the room, then he will understand that trust it and love.

5. If after all it is not possible "to move" the beloved child to his room, try to understand the reasons of his refusal to sleep to one, the kid does not suffice perhaps your care and love, and he tries to attract thus attention. Analyze the behavior and draw necessary conclusions, it will help to avoid disagreements in family, and the dream of your kid in his bed will gradually get better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team