How to accustom the child to sleep without diapers

How to accustom the child to sleep without diapers

Kids get used to sleep in a diaper so strongly that it is simply impossible to disaccustom them to it sometimes. Some parents right after the birth of the child make the decision to put on the kid of a thing to avoid painful disaccustoming from a habit. To disaccustom to sleep in a diaper though it is difficult, but, having put a little efforts, it is possible to achieve it.


1. Show cunning. When the child falls asleep, accurately weaken a diaper, and if it works, that take off it in general and cover the kid with a blanket. Gradually the addiction weakens, and then passes at all. But do not hope, having made such cunning once that you will have no problems any more. The child, having felt wrong, will wake up and he should be swaddled again as he will begin to cry.

2. After bathing put the child near yourself and try to rock to sleep him. The kid will fall asleep without diaper, near mom to him it is so comfortable and good that he will just forget about other inconveniences. But do not accustom to sleep it with yourself, to get rid of it even more difficult, than of a diaper. Therefore as soon as you noticed that the child sleeps tight, shift him in a bed.

3. Unfortunately, ways to disaccustom the kid to a diaper are not enough, everything depends on addictions of the little rebel. If you notice that handles prevent to sleep, and after swaddling the child calms down, put on to it "mittens" and observe. It is possible that your problem will be solved in such a way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team