How to accustom the child to the help with the house?

How to accustom the child to the help with the house?

Many parents perceive as due the fact that children scatter toys and just suit chaos in the apartment. However parents are often guilty of such behavior of the child. If the kid does not wish to be accustomed to an order, try to replace tactics, having taken simple advice.

1. Do household chores a vmesterasprostranenny phrase: "Run, play, I am busy now" — very serious mistake which is often made by parents. Be engaged in affairs together. Put the child in kitchen nearby, the way will participate in a molding of dumplings, wipe of a table or washing of ware.

You should not differentiate chores and communication with the child, try to unite these processes. During cleaning it is possible to tell the kid the tale of things which long looked for the place, and by means of the little wizard, found.

2. Note to the uspekhena forget to praise and encourage the child, realizing the importance and originality in questions of collecting toys from a floor and wipe of dust, the kid with pleasure will be engaged in those affairs in which it the best of the best. 3. Consider harakterstarightes to notice tendencies of the kid to a certain type of activity and trust it performance of those tasks which are pleasant to it. 4. Play! Even boring routine affairs can be turned into fascinating games, if desired. Washing of magic plates and search of treasures in bags with the purchases brought from shop — such cheerful adventures in life of the kid was not yet. 5. Let the help of the child will be to a nastoyashcheyprivlekayta of the kid to the help where this help is really necessary and not just to distract the child from pranks. 6. Do not count on faultless the rezultayena should expect from the child of great success in the help with economy at once. However you should not abuse the kid even if after the cleaning which is carried out by him the condition of the room only worsened. Mistakes is an important stage on the way to progress.8. Give the chance to show samostoyatelnostyesl the child too long performs the work set to him you should not interfere with process and to adjust the kid. Let he will remember that any business has to be finished. Work has to be punishment House work should not be punishment for offenses and bad behavior at all, otherwise at the kid the confidence that the help with the house is something heavy and extremely boring will be developed.

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