How to accustom the child to use a pot

How to accustom the child to use a pot

The important stage in life of the kid is a training to use a pot. To teach the child to sit down in time on this "subject of an interior" it is necessary correctly and without hurrying. By one and a half years of the kid many parents already notice that the child can suffer that he shows the desire to pee gestures or some phrases. Readiness of the child for training can be defined if a diaper dry within two-three hours.


1. Buy the child a bright and interesting pot. It has to be by the size: for a start will suit small capacity and low. Put a pot in the room, in a visibility range of the child. Let your kid will become interested in it, will get acquainted.

2. Tell the kid that it and for what the pot is necessary. If you have senior children, then let they will visually show what needs to be done with a pot. Suggest to sit down on a pot, at first without taking off trousers.

3. Take off a day diaper from the child. Let the child will see the "lower" bodies, will touch them. In order that the child understood what needs to be done in a pot and when to it to ask on it, he has to see more than once how he craps and pisat.

4. Suggest the child to sit down on a pot after and to a dream, before walk, after it. At this time there is the largest probability that he will make "the affairs" in a pot. If it turned out – praise; show how you are glad to its actions. If it did not turn out – do not abuse the kid, do not show him your disappointment. During the day you watch the child: as soon as the child calms down, begins to groan, or to make an effort – at once suggest to sit down on a pot.

5. Accustom the child to a pot in playful way. Comment on all actions: as you take off to the kid trousers as you add that needs to be made in a pot as after "business" you lift trousers where you pour out pot contents as you rinse. Later the child will begin to repeat after you everything. Playing, children remember better.

6. Do not hold the child on a pot by force, so the child will have not really pleasant memories of a pot. Also you should not play or read books, sitting on a pot. You should not accustom the child to a pot during stresses: diseases, moving, the birth of the brother or began visits of a kindergarten. If there was "accident", then it is worth removing quietly everything and to remind the child where it is necessary to pee. The best time of schooling to a pot is a summer. Then on the kid at least clothes, even are an opportunity to run stark naked and independently sits down to pee.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team