How to accustom the kid to sleep in the bed

How to accustom the kid to sleep in the bed

Many young couples after the birth of the kid buy to it the most beautiful bed, matrasik, bed linen. But the kid for some reason refuses to sleep there, it is much better for him with dad and mom. At first parents concede to the child, but it develops into the real problem soon. And how to solve it?


1. Before beginning to accustom the child to the bed, let's take its age in attention. Doctors recommend to disaccustom in 6-8 months as by this time night feedings come down almost to zero, and the child can turn over on other flank. Draw the attention to what to put to bed of the child it is necessary strictly at the same time.

2. Think up some ritual which you will constantly do before you begin to put the child to bed (sing a song, make light massage, check the book with pictures). Duration of such actions has to be 10 minutes.

3. After you hold a ritual, put the child in a bed, tell it "Good night" and leave the room. Naturally, the kid will cry, but you do not hurry to calm him. There have to pass two minutes, after that come to the kid, calm him, kiss, again tell "Good night" and again leave the room. This time for 4 minutes, then time should be increased on one minute. As a rule, the child falls asleep after 8-12 approaches. But pay attention that each child unique and some children cannot fall asleep in two hours. You should not give an easy time, hold the ground firmly, but at the same time be tender, do not raise the voice. And here for the second day it is necessary to add not on one minute, and on two. Remember if time to concede to the kid, you will always do it. In spite of the fact that children still absolutely small, they well feel everything and remember, and begin to order the family soon.

4. If the child wakes up at night and cries, it is not necessary to ignore. Sort out that happened, he can got sick, got hungry or froze. If everything is all right, calm him and put to bed. Remember that you, first of all mother, also have to understand the child, sympathize, share his fear.

5. You watch that near a bed of the kid there were no excess blankets or pillows, the mattress has to adjoin to a bed back well. The bed linen by the sizes has to correspond the child's beds.

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