How to accustom the one-year-old child to a pot

How to accustom the one-year-old child to a pot

Presently, when the washing machines working without supervision, disposable diapers, dryers and convenient coverings from plastic for mattresses are so widespread, some parents of small children do not do a problem at all of the fact that the child is not accustomed to a pot.

Some kids parents try to accustom to do the things in a pot as soon as possible is, as a rule, when mothers want to get rid as soon as possible of washing and to cut down costs on pampers. The one-year-old child can already begin to be accustomed to a pot. But generally development of this skill is postponed for later time.

How to define that it is already time to land the kid on a pot

The child is ready to a pot only when it develops necessary muscles. It has to be able to go and stand, sit down on a low seat and to rise unaided. It is desirable that the child had panties such that he could remove and put on them.

Kids gain all these skills approximately to one-and-a-half-year-old age. But to begin to accustom the child it is possible earlier. For example, in certain time to land on a pot, to learn "to ask" for a toilet. As a result of such actions the quantity of the used diapers can decrease, but parents have to prepare that it will be all the same bad to control itself the child and not to abuse him for failures.

As shows experience of many mothers and fathers, the rare child manages to be dry both at night, and in the afternoon until to it two and a half years are not executed at least. But can be required by most of children of time even more.

How to accustom to a pot

It is possible to determine by behavior of the one-year-old child that it is time for it to descend in a toilet. Children strain, become red, can give also other signs. At this time it is possible to take away the child to a pot, to help to sit down, to praise for result. In warm season it is necessary to use whenever possible less diapers that the child realized as it is to write without them. Most of kids can not realize in general it if since the birth they are constantly kept in diapers. Explain to the child what happens to him, show how it is done by other people and what for this purpose use. If on behavior of the kid clear that he wants in a toilet, he has to be put on a pot. If in a couple of minutes nothing occurred, let rises. To carry out jumpings one pot better when the probability of successful attempt the greatest – for example, right after a dream, before bathing, before laying to a bed. When the kid himself asked for a toilet, by all means praise it. You should not compare results to neighbour's – children are accustomed to a pot at different times, and it is normal. Some of children understand almost at once what from it is required, and begins to use a pot independently. But is also such by whom on accustoming to a pot the year also can be required more. You should not hurry and strain the child: everything will turn out at the time.

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