How to accustom to fill up the child in a bed

How to accustom to fill up the child in a bed

To fill up schooling of the child in the bed very often for many parents turns into the real torture. Therefore to keep the nerves and nerves of the kid, it is necessary to know certain rules.


1. Since the birth let's the kid get used for sleeping in the bed. Even if he sleeps in a parental bed, try to stack him in it on a lunch dream or it is even simple to lie down. He has to get used and accustom in "territory" to feel comfortably and comfortably.

2. Think whether it is convenient to it to sleep there. The mattress has to be not too firm, but also not soft. Bed linen - a beautiful pleasant coloring. If the bed is veiled by a canopy, pay attention to how the kid reacts to it. Perhaps the canopy frightens him and it is not pleasant. In this case, he should be moved away in general. Look in what place there is a bed whether the child of sunlight suffices, or the bed can costs at the battery, and to the child hot therefore he does not want to sleep in it.

3. Do not rock to sleep the kid when you put him to bed in a bed. He will quickly get used to ukachivaniye, and subsequently will constantly ask about it, refusing to sleep differently. Sit near him better, sing a lullaby a song or stroke on a back.

4. If the kid cries and demands that he was taken on hands from a bed, do not run, like mad to him. Let him gradually get used to independence that, having become more senior, he could fall asleep in the bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team