How to accustom to fill up the child in the bed

How to accustom to fill up the child in the bed

The joint dream of the child with parents, certainly, has the advantages, especially during breastfeeding. However sooner or later there comes the moment of "resettlement" of the kid in own bed. How to accustom to fill up him in the bed?


1. The optimum age for schooling to sleep in the bed – from 2.5 to 3 years. It is explained by the fact that at the age of about two years of children nightmares often torment, and it is better for them to endure this period near mom. Besides, by three years the kid becomes rather independent and is capable to understand what from him is wanted.

2. Observe the child and define degree of his physical and psychological readiness to fill up separately. If the kid seldom wakes up at night, is healthy and emotionally stable – he, most likely, is ready. You should not accustom the child to fall asleep in the bed when in his life there are serious changes – he begins to attend kindergarten, is accustomed to a pot, disaccustomed to breastfeeding.

3. Talk to the child and explain that it is time for it to fill up separately. If he is rather independent, the motive "you already big" can quite work. You descend on a visit to family with the kid of the same age, but sleeping separately. Perhaps, your child will be inspired by others experience.

4. Stack the child in the crib standing closely to yours. At first it is necessary that the kid did not worry because of sharp change. During falling asleep iron it on a back and a head, read fairy tales, etc. Let him feel your love and proximity. Besides, it is very important that the kid knew well that you are near and you will approach if to him it becomes terrible.

5. Think up some magic ritual for falling asleep. It is possible to include "spell" for kind dreams in it, a song. Buy it a soft toy and tell that it will protect it in a dream. Kids with very vivid imagination are often frightened familiar objects which strongly change in the dark. If it occurred – calm the child, turn on the light and show that there is nothing terrible.

6. Show hardness and do not allow the kid to return to your bed. In extreme cases allow it to fall asleep near you, and then shift in its bed. If your child is really ready to fall asleep independently, he quickly enough will get used to new conditions and will even see a certain advantage in independence. If he is not ready – postpone schooling to a bed for several months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team