How to accustom to reading children

How to accustom to reading children

All know that not each child has thirst for reading. To accustom to reading children, sometimes it is necessary to put a lot of effort. How to make it and to manage that is called with small losses?


1. To begin to attach to to reading child it is the is best of all at the most early age. When he just creeps and learns to go, begin to read him various fairy tales and stories for the smallest. Try to do it emotionally and colourfully. So the child in infancy will have interest in books.

2. As soon as the child begins to grow up, but does not reach age of independent reading yet, buy to it colourful books for the smallest. They, as a rule, contain not enough text, written by a large print, and it is a lot of color bright pictures. The possibility of sound effects is provided in many books. Any child will not remain indifferent to such literature for the most young readers. Over time this interest can turn into interest in reading.

3. Try to arrange every day with the child at least an hour of reading. So far it still absolutely small, read aloud you. Later he will read more and more. Only do not load its large amount of information at once. Let all reading will be distributed for all day if, of course, the child himself does not ask to read him or independently does not take the book and does not begin to read. In that case it is not necessary to interrupt it. And in general, let reading will become good form of behavior in the house. If the child sees the reading parents, then and itself will try to keep step with them.

4. Collective reading can have a great influence on instilling of interest in reading. If the child already mastered the first elements and reached some level of the equipment, try to arrange role reading the house with his age-mates too able to read. Invite children on a visit and try to sound everything together any fairy tale, having read it on roles. As a rule, reading on roles at this age is pleasant to children. Thus, it will be simpler to accustom children to reading if to begin work in this direction when the child still absolutely small, and to try to diversify reading with various playful ways.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team