How to achieve progress and to avoid failures in educational activity

How to achieve progress and to avoid failures in educational activity

Dream of all parents that their child grew up clever, kind, careful, independent and successful. And for this purpose it is necessary to try very strongly, children are not born such, and become.


1. Never humiliate the child. There are parents who in a rush of rage exclaim: ""Well that you for so confused child?" "or" "well, you and pigheaded!"". Such words not only humiliate the child, but also incite him against you. He will obey you only because of fear of punishment, but will cease to respect you.

2. Never threaten the child. Resorting to threats, you fall in the opinion of the kid. He will think that you cannot cope with it in other ways. As soon as the child grows up, you will not be able to operate it, it will do everything against your will, and purposefully. Look for humane and reasonable ways of education. You speak with the child more, try to understand him. He has to trust you.

3. Do not bribe your child. Many parents make a huge mistake when they pay money to the children for a good mark, for care of relatives, for the help with the house and other. Such child will really do something, but only because will pay him. And if not to pay?

4. It is not necessary to take from the small child of promises. Small children live only in the present, and you can ask it to make something or not to make only at present, but not in the future – for the kid it is just impracticable task. He will not be able to keep a promise, and then for it ""I promise"" a word will not have any value.

5. It is not necessary to sponsor the child too strongly. Excessive parental guardianship is capable to undermine vanity of the child and to develop the mass of complexes. Never you say: ""You are not capable of it" ", " "You cannot do it"" and other. If to say it constantly, the child will believe in it and really will not be able independently to solve any problem.

6. Never wave away from children's questions. The majority of questions which are asked by children, seem for parents utter nonsense, and they just do not answer them. To the child to become very offensively that to the dearest and close people all the same on his problems and interests. Sometimes such children become reserved.

7. Never demand from the child of implicit obedience. It is impossible to order to the child to make something immediately. It is necessary to give him time to finish the affairs. If you want to bring up the free person capable to self-discipline and decision-making, refuse command and performing education.

8. Be able to speak to the child ""no"". The child cannot forbid everything, but also it is impossible to resolve everything too. Try to find golden mean and as to make it will prompt you parental heart. A lot of things depend not only on the child, but also on a situation.

9. Adhering to the above recommendations, you will be able to achieve success and to avoid failures in education of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team