How to acquaint children with the city

How to acquaint children with the city

The respect and love for the Homeland, the country, the people is put in the childhood. The task of parents is to develop these feelings in the child from the earliest age, and it is necessary to begin with acquaintance to the hometown.


1. On the way to kindergarten and back study the street along which you go with the child. Draw the attention of the kid to objects by which you pass: trees and bushes, roads, buildings, bus stops, shops, booths, etc., explain their appointment. If you need to cross the road, in parallel train the child in traffic regulations, values of flowers of the traffic light.

2. With the change of seasons note with the child of change, happening in a surrounding situation and to acquaintances already objects: the turned yellow leaves on trees in the fall powdered with branch snow, snow caps on roofs of houses in the winter, the thawing snow and the grass which is making the way from under it in the spring, puddles on the road after a summer rain.

3. Explain to the child the name of your street and also on what you go more often. Tell with what or with whom it is connected to what person or an event it is devoted or in honor of what it is called. For example, passing on Gagarin Street it is necessary to remember that he was the first astronaut, and in Boulevard Zheleznodorozhnikov to tell about those who help to travel to other cities and the countries.

4. Walking with the child in city parks, squares, memorable places, on embankments, show him beautiful historical buildings, lamps, flower beds, fountains. Ask the kid to describe the place in which he is – it contributes to development of speech and figurative thinking. Walk has to be not only entertaining, but also informative: for example, in Victory Park tell the child about the Great Patriotic War and a victory of our people, and in the flower square or the avenue learn names of flowers.

5. In process of growing acquaint the child with monuments history and architecture, you drive it in art galleries, on exhibitions. From time to time visit museum of local lore or the museum of history of the city: it is from the first difficult to catch the large volume of information, and becoming is more senior, the kid will be able to understand and connect among themselves museum pieces and historical events.

6. You go with the child to sightseeing tours, to a zoo, a botanical garden, an oceanarium, a dolphinarium, planetarium. Children love entertainments therefore do not forget about amusement parks, circus and productions of puppet theater or Theatre for Young Audience.

7. Do not ignore city holidays (Maslenitsa, Sabantuy, the Festival of flowers) and special children's events (Children's Day, New Year trees). Such events very much please children and are for a long time postponed in their memory.

8. During walks and excursions do not forget to be photographed, and when viewing photos discuss them with the child - it will help it to remember places where you walked, and objects which saw.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team