How to adapt the first grader to school

How to adapt the first grader to school

Parents of the first grader are often anxious with a question of the forthcoming holiday. They worry about the child, about his future relations with schoolmates, with teachers. They are interested in a question: as the kid will endure this new, clear, a stage of his life yet.

Interesting awakening

In order that awakening of the child was more pleasant in the mornings, it is possible to intrigue him since evening with something interesting. For example, mom or dad can suggest to play something when the kid wakes up or to continue to read the book which the parent did not manage to read up the night before. Then the child will have a positive spirit for the whole day, the mood will improve and the self-assessment will rise.

Children very much love various fairy tales, stories and stories. Therefore it is possible to try to play with the kid the game aimed at the memory development. For example, it is daily possible to tell about events and holidays which this day occurred or were celebrated. And then to be interested at the child that he remembered and what can repeat.

If everything coincides, and the child remembers heard, then it is possible to encourage him. Then at the kid the self-assessment will rise and the mood will improve.

Who good pupil?

Each first grader very difficult is given sitting on one place moreover and so long time. As a rule, already in the middle of a lesson the child begins to fidget and be interested how many he remained up to the end. In that case it is possible to play with it a game under the name "Diligent School Student".

All school students also have to resemble the hero of this game: not to talk during a lesson, to perform all tasks, not to spend time behind viewing in a window.

The main thing that children after such game were not tired even more. For this purpose everything has to be at the level of imagination. Parents and teachers have to agree among themselves upon an occasion of holding this action. The teacher acts as the judge.

At the end of a lesson the winner who has to be surely rewarded gets out, and it is better if all receive on a symbolical award. By means of such competition at children the attentiveness, patience, confidence in success is developed.

 Performance of homework with pleasure

After school the child needs to have a rest, you should not start lessons at once. When he has a rest, parents can suggest the school student to make lessons in playful way. For example, it is necessary to learn the poem. This task can be connected with a ball. Let parents throw to the kid a ball, and he catches and calls one line from the poem.

If it is necessary to write symbols in the form of letters and figures, then it is possible to play associations. The child will examine symbols and to imagine to whom or to what they are similar. Thus at the kid the memory will become stronger, the imagination will develop, and he will remember everything quicker.

Such games it is possible to think up a set and for absolutely other situations. They will bring benefit and will have a positive impact on the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team