How to adjust to the child a dream

How to adjust to the child a dream

Some children sleep very badly: falling asleep process long, and sleep quality leaves much to be desired. It is contraindicated to apply the majority of sedatives of synthetic origin, but herbs and other ways to improve a dream nobody cancelled treatment. But if the child has an allergy, then consult with the expert better and then start procedures.


1. More often problems with a dream appear at those children who have no daily routine. Try to observe the mode of a dream and wakefulness. To stabilize a dream in such a way, put the kid to bed at the same time. Later a short period the dream has to be normalized and its quality will improve a little.

2. If it did not help, observe the child and pay attention to under what circumstances he most badly falls asleep. Some children after strong overfatigue cannot fall asleep. Do not play active games with the kid day in the evening. If this way helped you, then follow this simple rule and everything will be normal.

3. Special children's means for bathing to which structure essential oils with the calming effect are added are on sale. Bathe the child in warm water before going to bed with use of special shower gel and bath foam. The dream is normalized in 7-10 days at regular use of these means.

4. If the dream was not normalized from elementary means, give to the child sedative medicines of plant origin. The root of a valerian and a motherwort will approach, you can buy already ready syrups in pharmacies. But nevertheless it is impossible to give to the kid such medicines without consultation with the pediatrician. If the doctor gave you the corresponding instructions, do not wait for significant result in the same day, herbs very slowly work. 15-20 days later observe the child if improvements did not follow - it has to guard.

5. When nothing helps, address the psychiatrist. It should not frighten you, many children are born with small deviations in work of nervous system. Problems arise because of bad ecology, food and a way of life of parents more often. After diagnostics and capture of analyses, to your kid will appoint medical medicines which will correct a dream. If to the child appointed a course of treatment - it does not mean that he is unhealthy or has mental deviations, just it has a failure in work of nervous system. In the nearest future the dream of the kid is normalized.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team