How to apply cosmetics

How to apply cosmetics

in life of each woman is of great importance. Various body creams, the looking after face make-up, decorative cosmetics - all this are in make-up bag of any woman who watches herself and aims to look good always. Here only not all know how it is correct to store it that it has not deteriorated ahead of time and how optimum to use cosmetics.


  1. You do not apply too much cosmetic for time quicker to achieve the expected effect. Everything has to be moderately. For example, if you use too much hair balm, then it can provoke plentiful release of skin fat owing to what hair very quickly will become oily and dirty again. The same will occur also at misuse of cream for the person. If on face there is too much cream, then time is hammered, and the person in several hours begins to shine and shine.
  2. Surely you watch purity of the make-up bag. Once a week erase all sponges and brushes for powder, blush and shadows in warm water with addition of some soft means, for example, of hair shampoo (only not laundry detergent). Several minutes take brushes and sponges in soap water, then properly propoloskayta them, spread out objects to towel and let's them dry. It is not necessary to neglect this procedure as all microbes which have remained on cosmetics if in time not to get rid of them, will appear on your skin.
  3. Face and body leaving has to be regular. Every morning and before going to bed look after yourself, you apply to clean skin the moisturizing cream or emulsion in the morning, and the restoring or nutritious cream in the evening. Do 2 times a week moisturizing mask to improve complexion and to support balance and to keep elasticity and to restore elasticity of skin, after shower surely use nutritious body cream.
  4. Upon purchase of any cosmetics pay attention to expiration date. It is very important as expired cosmetics will not bring you any benefit, and on the contrary, can cause allergic reaction, irritation and unpleasant feelings. The expiration date at cosmetics is less, the it is less in its composition of preservatives and various chemicals. It for skin, certainly, is very useful, but such cosmetics sometimes is difficult to be used before the termination of expiration date therefore half should be thrown out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team