How to arrive if the child refuses food

How to arrive if the child refuses food

To feed the whimsical child – serious test for parents. Arrangements, promises, even threats are used. But, contrary to desire of mothers, admonitions of grandmothers and dances with toys of fathers, the kid turns away from everything prepared. How to feed the child who refuses to eat?

Set a good example

Children like to repeat everything after adults. If you ever told that cabbage not so tasty, hardly the child will eat it with pleasure. Eat together, extolling any dish. Show the example that food tasty and useful.  

Try not to persuade. Just sit down at a table and have dinner. At the same time sentence as to you it is tasty. Do not suggest the kid to try, but persistently express the delight from a dish. The curiosity will surely win, the poor eater himself will come running after the portion of yum-yum.  

Turn food into an entertainment

Think up to different dishes interesting names. Mashed potatoes can turn into a cloud from potato, carrots will become the magic vegetable bewitched by the angry sorcerer, and soup – fantastic food of little fairies.

Give vent to imagination. Seeing unusual names, the child with pleasure will be connected to a game. Tell that today you added an unusual component thanks to which there will be something good to food. For example, the sun will look out.   

Prepare together

Allow the little assistant to carry out a part of feasible duties in kitchen. Be not irritated if the kitchen turns into chaos. Allocate to the young cook the certain place where he will be able to be engaged with pleasure in serious business.

The result will meet all expectations. The kid will surely want to try that at you turned out. The dishes prepared independently are much more tasty than mother's. Surely praise efforts of the assistant.

Food of the child poor eater can be connected with a game. Children like to feed toys. Allow the kid to offer at first food to a favourite doll Katya, and then to eat most. You praise Katya, the child will want a praise too and will begin to eat.

Remember that the result will manage to be achieved not punishments or shout, but joint actions quicker. Try, dream, everything surely will turn out. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team