How to attract interest of the child in reading

How to attract interest of the child in reading

Each parent dreams of that his child grew up clever and successful. All of us know that reading is very important as gives development throughout all life. But here is how to impart to the child love for reading?

It is important to begin to accustom the child to reading when he is in mother's womb, on 7-8 month of pregnancy. Being in a stomach, the child distinctly hears all told words. Therefore if you read to the child rhymes or fairy tales when he is in a stomach, then you will be able easily to notice what fairy tales and verses are pleasant to it, he will learn them when he is born and will become more senior.

From second year of life suggest the child to consider bright pictures in books, at this time the child learns to distinguish colors and forms. Choose books from dense paper or cardboard with bright large illustrations. At this time the child wants to taste everything, to touch everything therefore can tear the book with ease. Explain to him that it is necessary to make thrifty use of books very much if he wants to tear something, give him the old newspaper.

At early age of the book have to be very simple according to contents, especially well children react to verses about animals. Reading has to be followed by viewing pictures. So for the kid it will be much more interesting to look through at first pictures, and then to listen to words and to repeat them.

It is possible to accustom the child to reading only on own example. To silly hope that the child will fall in love with reading if his mom herself does not read, however inspires in it that this very useful and interesting occupation. Often happens so that the child not really likes to read, then it is important to help the child to choose that book which will be really interesting to him. It is possible to resort to cunning and to ask the kid to choose independently the book at first for you, and then for him.

There is one more way to accustom the child to reading. Choose very interesting book, begin to read, and on the most important point of the narration suddenly postpone reading, allegedly because of an important issue. Then it will be very interesting to child to learn what occurred in the book further, he will pick up it and will begin to read independently. If the child is accustomed to books since the earliest childhood, it is possible to read at school for it.

When the child only learns to read, it is not necessary to straighten out and correct constantly him incorrectly told words. It is so possible to fight off him desire absolutely. When reading the child has to get only positive emotions. It is important to read books with the child every day, let gradually, but it has to be constant.

Try to show to the child that books are the integral and important part of the life of the educated person. And also it is important to discuss after reading of the book problematic issues together with the child. It is necessary to let the child know that the book is not a toy therefore she demands accurate and careful attitude. If your child learns to read, before him the huge world of knowledge, imaginations and adventures into which he will try to plunge as often as possible opens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team