How to avoid a motion sickness at the child

How to avoid a motion sickness at the child

Many children suffer from travel sickness in transport. It is expressed by feeling sick, nausea, and sometimes and vomiting. This phenomenon in medical circles received the name — kinetoz.

Statistically about 50% of kids up to 12 years suffer from a motion sickness. At adult age the percent significantly decreases. And what is surprising, at girls the problem meets much more more often.

Why the child rocks to sleep

The vestibular mechanism does not know how to behave in unusual situations. It still up to the end was not created. In the course of growing it most often passes. Therefore you should not protect the child from trips. He has to get used to them.

How to facilitate motion sickness simptomya

There are several simple councils to reduce negative feelings. Their performance will help to facilitate significantly to you life:

  • You do not feed the child in 2 hours prior to a trip. But also hungry it is not necessary to go. Let food before the road will consist of grain, vegetables. They are easily acquired, it is convenient.
  • Surely it is necessary to take a small bottle not of sparkling water in the road. Juice, fruit drinks in this case will not help.
  • Distract the child from the road. Tell fairy tales, play games, but only do not allow to look at asphalt. Additional load of eyes usually worsens a situation.
  • Track that the salon was well aired. Whenever possible, stop everyone half an hour to leave and breathe fresh air. In public transport you sit down closer to a door, the ventilation system is better there.
  • Sharp movements worsen a condition of the passenger. Try to conduct transport quietly, without breakthroughs and sharp braking.
  • At emergence of the first symptoms of a motion sickness, give mint lollipop or sour candy. It helps to improve health.
  • In a dream the child does not feel nausea and discomfort. Try to create the quiet atmosphere, sing a lullaby.
  • Besides, now in pharmacy a large amount of cure for rocking is presented. They are on a natural basis and suit children of any age. Specify about them at the pharmacist. Usually a pill is taken for an hour prior to a trip. And they completely remove all symptoms.
  • I exist different types of folk remedies — from infusions of herbs, before exercises which allow to improve a vestibular mechanism. Pick up what is the most suitable to your child.

Motion sickness — for the majority is a temporary factor. There will pass several years and you will forget that such problem at you existed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team