How to avoid autumn cold at the child

How to avoid autumn cold at the child

With approach of autumn cold weather children often are exposed to catarrhal diseases. Cold wind, drizzles, the first frosts promote emergence of unpleasant symptoms. How to prevent developing of autumn cold at the child?

Most of pediatricians agree in opinion that cold at the child – the normal phenomenon. However any indisposition gives an inconvenience to the kid and adds concerns to mom. There are simple ways allowing to minimize diseases of the child during the autumn period.

1.      Put on on weather. It is not necessary to muffle up strongly the kid or, on the contrary, to put on the facilitated clothes. Overheating causes the increased sweating after which the small rush of cool wind will become an etiology.

2.      If the kid attends kindergarten, daily grease to it mucous a nose with antiviral means. They provide protection against autumn cold.

3.      Give to the child disposable handkerchiefs. On them, unlike fabric, microbes do not accumulate.

4.      Do not close a nose of the kid a scarf at the first frosts. Our organism is arranged so that the cold air getting through mucous a nose is warmed. At breath by a mouth inside the microorganisms causing a disease freely get.

5.      Eat natural phytoncides. These useful substances contain in onions, garlic. If the child does not like their taste, place dishes with the cut vegetables on the apartment. Natural phytoncides well disinfect the room.

6.      Air the apartment, arrange damp cleaning more often. Inflow of clean air does not give to viruses the chance to breed, helping to avoid cold at the child.

Enter fresh vegetables, fruit into a diet. Despite bad weather, walk more often. Autumn walks help to strengthen immunity, adapt an organism of the kid to the coming cold weather and allow to enjoy all family beauty of surprising season.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team