How to avoid conception

How to avoid conception

Since sexual revolution rushed into life of society, a lot of things changed. But the young people who are a little tempted in questions of prevention of unwanted pregnancy still continue to experience difficulties with definition in how to avoid conception.


1. Exclude the sexual relations in the period of a fertile phase (several days of a menstrual cycle when pregnancy approach is possible), the intimate proximity during this period most promotes conception. The fact is that throughout a menstrual cycle an organism to prepare for conception of the child in case conception does not come, periods renew. The menstrual cycle averages from 21 to 28 days and is estimated from the first days of allocations.

2. Discuss with the partner of a possibility of protection against unwanted pregnancy in advance. If you and your partner decided not to use contraceptive means, but at the same time completely trust health of each other, then an exit at your couple one – the incomplete (interrupted) sexual intercourse. Only, please, discuss it in advance with the man that there were no unpleasant conflict situations during the act of love.

3. Advise also the man prior to the following sexual intercourse to devastate a bladder, it is obligatory to wash a genital to remove sperm which could remain from the previous sexual intercourse. Consider also that a number of spermatozoa, according to researches, contain as well in the lubricant emitted from men's body at the time of excitement.

4. Keep in mind that the common opinion on as if during feeding by a breast it is impossible to conceive the child more than once was disproved. When feeding by a breast you, perhaps, will not become pregnant only in several cases. Only women who nurse the child for up to six months and at whom periods did not renew yet can use such method of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Besides, it is important to consider that those women who use the child's feeding up already have risk to become pregnant.

5. Avoid the unprotected sexual intercourse and if that happened, then surely take the drugs protecting from unwanted pregnancy. Mifepristone-72, a pastinor belong to those medicines. Both medicines can possess a number of side effects that can adversely affect your further, already desired pregnancy. Intake of such medicines is appropriate only right after sexual intercourse, further the activity of medicine considerably decreases.

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