How to avoid punishment from parents for a bad note

How to avoid punishment from parents for a bad note

To graduate from school, without having received in eleven years a uniform bad note, perhaps, it is impossible. Children and teenagers are afraid of parental reaction to an undesirable mark therefore take great pain to suppress the poor progress fact.

The child can avoid punishment from parents for a bad mark if knows how to behave. Actually, competent parents will never show aggression in relation to the child even if also poor at school. Because attentive adults know: having faced aggression, the child and furthermore the teenager, will immediately be closed from the outside world, and any education on it will not work any more.

Regrettably, but not all parents differ in deep wisdom. Many mothers go way of reading notations, condemnation and threats. Some fathers can deride the child for a bad mark, tell unpleasant words and punish. Of course, it is incorrect approach. In this situation the child or the teenager the example has to show to parents a way out.

Explanation of the reasons of poor progress

The first that needs to be made when the bad note already flaunts in the diary, it to try to explain to parents the poor progress reason. Perhaps, the subject was too difficult for perception. Explain that with pleasure would improve a situation if someone helped to understand a subject.

The sincerity works wonders, even not with the wisest parents.

If the conflict with the teacher takes place, too it is necessary to report about it to parents. Any adult knows how it is difficult to prove the viability if carp at you or at all ignore. It is necessary to tell everything as is. Possibly, the teacher really behaves incorrectly, and it affects progress. Let parents deal with the teacher. The feeling sick reduces attention and concentration. If the bad note appeared as a result of a disease, parents are followed about it by the nobility. Annually school program becomes tougher, and health of modern children worsens. The child should not wait for punishment for a bad note at all if he was sick or badly felt.

Contact with parents

Well to study and derive pleasure from process, it is necessary to cease to be afraid of condemnation and punishments in case of a failure. For this purpose it is necessary to come into contact with the parents. It is necessary to bring them up to date, to tell about the problems at school, to share impressions of lessons.

Fear – not the best assistant in raising achievement.

Sometimes it is enough to tell once about the experiences concerning a bad mark that parents supported the child, ceased to punish him and helped to end adequately training at school. Only the mutual contact with mom and dad gives rise to trust. And the trust excludes fear of punishment for a bad note.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team