How to avoid stings during feeding by a breast

How to avoid stings during feeding by a breast

There passed the time when you adjusted breastfeeding, suffering questions of applying, food and amount of milk. But once the beginning parents relax … The first teeth in studio! And with them and the first stings.

Often mom is concerned more by a question: Whether "Specially it does it". It is unlikely your child understands as far as to you it is painful. New teeth scratch, interest in a research of surrounding is very high, everything wants to be gnawed, and mother's reaction reminds a cheerful game. They say that children can bite also from a lack of milk or mother's attention. To abuse and take offense at the child – not a way out. Try to have patience and to disaccustom it.

Some mothers are lucky: reaction to pain from the first unexpected stings frightens enough the kid that he did not continue similar experiments. Mom did not manage to think as it is correct to react, hissed, screamed from pain also it was enough.

If you do not frighten your madcap of such features, specialists in breastfeeding not strongly recommend to continue to squeal and hiss. Such tactics: bit – you say "to mom sick" - you implant a little finger into a mouth (you stop up a nose / you press more densely to a breast) - you pull out a nipple from a mouth – you make a pause for several minutes – you continue feeding. If again bites, you repeat these actions, having a little increased break time. Try to watch correctness of applying and take away a breast if you see that the kid gorged on.

There are some prerequisites before a sting:

- the child was already sated and distracts from sucking process;

- the kid begins to play with a nipple;

- there is an arch look and known for everything to the bitten mothers an unruly smile.

If you pay attention to these signs and it is correct to react to stings, then will be able to avoid excess injuries. Over time your child will understand that such behavior does not do mom happier and closer, and will cease to bite. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team