How to avoid threat of an abortion

How to avoid threat of an abortion

The threat of an abortion acts as the big danger menacing to future mom during pregnancy. In order that to avoid it, it is necessary to hold preventive events even before conception. Later, bearing a fruit, it is also necessary to follow certain rules, to regularly visit clinic for women and to carry out the necessary surveys.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the doctor, inspection;
  • - the dosed physical activity;
  • - healthy nutrition;
  • - vitamin complex;
  • - day regimen


1. Undergo full inspection before alleged conception. Address the experienced gynecologist in clinic for women, explain him a key part of the problem. The doctor will carry out survey and will direct you to additional diagnostics if considers necessary. Analyses on an infection, sexually transmitted can be necessary for you (ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, clamidiosis, toxoplasmosis, etc.). At detection any of them to you and your partner will offer a course of treatment after which passing it will be necessary to make the repeated test. If everything is as it should be, to plan pregnancy is possible. The conception which came against the background of infectious process can turn back an abortion or serious problems in development of the child (for example, hypoxemic defeat of a fruit).

2. Change a habitual way of life as soon as you learn about pregnancy approach. Reduce physical activities, refuse high heels and the constraining, inconvenient clothes. Adhere to a certain mode, get enough sleep. If you have night or daily watches, under the law you have to transfer to easy work. Try to avoid stresses.

3. Buy the subscription in fitness club. Practically in each of them there is a program for future mothers. Correctly constructed trainings will help you with preparation for childbirth, will keep in shape a figure, and after the delivery will allow to get rid of the gained kilograms quicker. Once a week visit the pool, swimming promotes removal of the raised tone of muscles.

4. Control a food allowance, health of future kid also in many respects depends on it. For prevention of an abortion it is useful to use the products containing vitamin E (sunflower seeds, nuts, crude sunflower oil, the sprouted wheat). In summer months it is useful to eat fresh fruit and berries. Take drinks from a dogrose, a red rowan, blackcurrant, a nettle.

5. Accept without fail vitamin and mineral complexes for pregnant women. The lack of any of these substances can lead to problems in the fetoplatsentarny device and development of the child. Will help to carry out the correct selection of necessary vitamins and minerals to you your doctor.

6. Strictly implement all recommendations of the doctor. Leave all addictions: neither nicotine, nor alcohol even in the minimum quantities should not come to your organism.

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