How to awaken desire in the guy

How to awaken desire in the guy

Girls it is very important to much to feel desired. To awaken desire in the guy, it is necessary to be sure of the appeal and also to follow a number of simple rules.

At home the girl should not go constantly with a make-up on a face. To remain freshen, skin has to have a rest. It is necessary to remember that the woman is painted, most often, for herself to feel like the beauty and to derive pleasure from contemplation of the reflection in a mirror. As for men, not each of them can be attracted by means of a bright make-up. Sometimes they like girls without cosmetics much more, they have such touching and defenseless look.

Simple rules of coquetry

To be desired, the girl needs to coquet constantly. It is possible to whisper to the guy on an ear gentle words, to giggle languidly over each his joke as though accidentally to touch it, to look down, tremblingly waving eyelashes. It is easy to master these simple receptions, and special attention of the young man will become a deserved reward for the spent efforts. It is pleasant to men when darling has a tender nickname – for example, "sun", "darling" or "kitty". It so seductively sounds!

Creation of a seductive image

In a house situation you should not walk up and down before the guy in a dressing gown or, who knows, in a sports suit. The girl will be much more attractive to look in shorts or the fitting trousers.

Before going to bed, does not prevent to tell darling pleasant and gentle words in which can not be also a hint on sex. At the same time the voice has to sound a little below, than usually. Finally to awaken in it desire, it is necessary to add easy aspiration. Having left a shower, you should not dress a pajamas or a long nightgown. It is much better to put on himself a short translucent dressing gown which will seductively swing open when walking. You should not spare expense for beautiful silk linen. When the young man sees such beauty, he will not be able just to resist temptation. It is quite good to learn to dance erotic dances for the man. By the way, this art many east women perfectly own, and they are a good judge of seducing art. Of course, it is not obligatory to turn into the professional dancer at all. The main thing is to learn to feel music and to guess desires of the young man. Applying these simple abilities, the girl will always be desired and attractive to the man. So – will be able to provide happiness in private life for both.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team