How to awaken taste to reading

How to awaken taste to reading

Transition to independent reading - long process. Quite often happens: having already seized the diploma, the child of 7-8 years undertakes books reluctantly. The beginning reader still well did not master technology of reading. Process of reading takes away many forces. Tension is so big that it is difficult to apprehend, acquire, endure read. Therefore the pleasure and an impression of the book considerably decreases. From here and the ""illogicality"" disturbing parents is able, but does not read. From here and discrepancy: the child can understand also difficult things, and reads independently only thin books and that with great difficulty, reluctantly. Therefore asks that someone read him. And you should not refuse it to children. During acquaintance to the book it is important to exercise in the child judgment. Try not to make mistakes which can fix negative emotions, discourage at the child to reading. There is several practical advice:

It is required to you

  • It is a lot of patience.


1. Do not force the child to reading.

2. Do not stop the reading aloud after the child learned to read independently.

3. Select books not only according to own tastes and the educational purposes, but also consider interests and readiness of the child. Do not impose him books only because they are ""useful"".

4. Do not demand from the child of reading everything new books. Do not forget that repeated reading of the ""old"" book, besides joy of a meeting, gives the mass of the new knowledge and impressions connected with empathy of familiar events. Among books there have to be old friends too.

5. Do not think that the child can begin to read the book at any time and in any situation. Some kind of preparation, a spirit is necessary for him: it is necessary to de-energize from a noisy, mobile game, to take off fatigue from the previous studies. Besides, it should be taken into account also mood of the young reader: at some point suitable will be a book with a dynamic comic plot, in another - the quiet narration will attract interest.

6. You do not seek to correct any mistake in reading the child if he reads aloud. Reckon with his vanity and that fact that reading with constant amendments loses the fascination. Praise it better for the fact that he managed to notice and corrected an error.

7. Remember that for reading the corresponding conditions are necessary. The child has to have the corner to which it is possible to retire with the book

8. Do not forget to discuss read aloud. For the child it is very important to share the impressions of read and heard

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