How to bake apples for the child

How to bake apples for the child

To diversify a table of the kid, it is possible to bake apples. On the properties the baked apples perfectly suit those who temporarily or constantly keep to a diet as almost do not demand additional products. They can be baked without any ingredients at all, but if you prepare for children, then it is better to make a dish more sweet and more interesting. The result will please any child, especially if to decorate ready apple. By the way, the kid is able to do it also itself, having combined a dessert with creative occupation.

It is required to you

  • Apples, sugar (or honey), cinnamon, nuts, jewelry for a canape


1. Even the busiest mom will be able to bake apples. For this purpose we take two average fruits, accurately a knife we cut out core (seed part), without cutting through. At you such peculiar round pot with a narrow throat will turn out. That in preparation time the thin skin did not burst, it is necessary to pin it a fork.

2. In an opening we fill sugar (to taste, depending on that, you took a sour or sweet grade of apples). Even better the result if to put honey (turns out at absence at your child of an allergy to honey). We add the pounded nuts mixed with cinnamon there (quantity of cinnamon on both apples - a half of a teaspoon, nuts - to taste). We put apples on a foil or on paper for pastries and we send to an oven. The dish is cooked at an average temperature (170-180 degrees), about 20 minutes.

3. After apples prepared (it will be visible in the form which their changed, slightly wrinkled), it is possible to decorate them or to provide decoration of an apple dessert to your child, having provided it with creative material. It can be anything: skewers for a canape, ornament for cocktails and also chocolate cream or jam with which mug apples can draw. Such treat surely will be pleasant to children!

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