How to bathe the child with a circle

How to bathe the child with a circle

Your kid was nine months in a stomach, swam in amniotic liquid. Perhaps, because of it newborns like to bathe. They feel in water comfortably and quietly. The kid since the birth has congenital skills of bathing therefore parents should take care of that he did not forget them. It is possible to float in a big bathtub of the house or to go to the pool. Experts developed a rubber ring which is put on easily on a neck for little tots and helps to keep on water.

It is required to you

  • - circle for bathing
  • - the bathtub gathered by water


1. The circle is convenient for bathing that, having put on it the child's neck, the parent can just watch it. It is unnecessary to stand, having bent in half, over the bathroom. With a circle on a neck the child feels confident, his movements are free. Correctly put on, it does not press on a neck. And special dredging for a chin will help to record the head in one situation.

2. To use a circle, pull out it from packing and straighten. The circle consists of two air chambers in which there are small balls – rattles. Often on the top part of a circle handles meet – they will be convenient for the grown-up children.

3. At first it is necessary to inflate the internal camera and to close it densely the nipple. Then you inflate the second camera and also densely you close. Both nipples need to be pressed inside. Check in the bathtub gathered by water whether passes air. Safety of your child depends on it.

4. Gather in a water bathtub. It has to be slightly more cool 37 °. In warm water the child can refuse to swim, will just relax. And cool water will force it to move.

5. Acquaint the child with a circle. You should not put on a buoy on a neck at once, the kid can be frightened. Let's it look, touch, lick. After acquaintance it is possible to try to put on a buoy. For this purpose undo fasteners and unbend edges of a circle in different directions (up and down). The small aperture that the head of the child passed in a circle will turn out. At first, most likely, you need the help of relatives.

6. Take care of that the chin was in special dredging. Clasp locks and adjust them an aperture on the child's neck. The circle should not press on a neck. The child has to breathe freely.

7. Carry the child to the bathroom and carefully lower in water. Never depart from him and do not leave the child of one in the bathroom! It is fraught with grave consequences. Play with it, force to move, overturn from a stomach on a back and back.

8. After bathing pull out the child from waters, having taken for armpits. Do not undertake circle handles! On a changing table release the kid from a circle, dip it a towel and dress. The good appetite and a quiet dream is provided to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team