How to bathe the newborn in a big bathtub

How to bathe the newborn in a big bathtub

Within the first 6 months it is recommended to bathe children daily, in summertime even 2 times a day. Ideal time - before going to bed and one of evening feedings. Water procedures in warm water calm. It is possible to bathe the newborn in a big bathtub at once, but certain skills will be required. Of course, the bathtub needs to be cleaned carefully soda or children's soap. That for your child the bathing was comfortable and pleasant, follow simple rules.

It is required to you

  • soda or children's soap, potassium permanganate, soft towel


1. Water has to be warm (from 36 to 38 degrees). It is not necessary to boil water. That air in the bathroom was not too damp, pour at first cold water, and then add hot, stirring slowly for uniform distribution of heat. Take water temperature the special water thermometer and if it is absent, then it is possible to use by an old "grandmother's" method: to lower a hand elbow in water.

2. It is better to leave a door in the bathroom which is slightly opened. It becomes in order that air temperature indoors for bathing was approximately same, as in other rooms. Then transition from the bathroom in others will be later soft.

3. Do not forget about own hygiene: wash up hands with soap, take off jewelry.

4. It is better to bathe the kid together. One will support, - to wash another. If there are no assistants, then it is possible to use the special device for bathing of children – a hammock. But do not leave the baby unguarded in a bathtub for a second.

5. Yet the pupkovy wound did not heal, add potassium permanganate solution to water (water has to be weakly – pink).

6. In water of the kid lower carefully not to frighten him. You hold the child correctly: clasp with one hand for distant from you plechiko or you keep it in the axillary hollow, hold a nape of the child with wrists. It is some kind of insurance for the kid. Accurately wash up all folds on the child's body.

7. It is better to wash the head in the last turn. Slightly throw back a head of the kid, holding it with a palm, soap carefully children's soap or children's shampoo. Wash away water from the face to a nape. It is possible to water with pure water and from a nape on a forehead to accustom the baby to hold the breath. Better if you talk at the same time to the child, warning him that you will water a face. For example, "time, two, we dive!"

8. Bathing ended. Wrap up the kid with a head in a towel, blot it and carry it to the room. Turn in a dry towel.

9. Process an umbilical wound, and oil skin of the kid natural baby or cream. If in the room it is cool, dress the child in soft clothes. The organism of the baby keeps temperature within 15 minutes, then heat is lost and the kid will freeze. Therefore it is better to make all procedures during this time.

10. Feed the child and put to bed. The dream will be quiet and pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team