How to be engaged with the child of 6 months

How to be engaged with the child of 6 months

In 6 months the child begins to control a pose when sitting, gets up in a bed or an arena, holding a protection, creeps. Can manipulate two objects, is able to shift toys from a hand in a hand, learns to put objects each other.

It is required to you

  • Good mood of the kid and quiet equal voice of mom.


1. What developing games it is possible to play with the six-month kid? It is necessary to try to help him to set the acquired skills and to get new in playful way. The baby masters simple games - imitations, imitates in the actions by the adult. Take a rattle and rat out simple motive, give a rattle in the child's hands, let too will try.

2. The child listens to the speech of adults, developing lepetny speaking. Sit down in this moment nearby, the child has to see your lips, sing or you tell various syllables, short words: mom, dad, the woman, a va-va, to-to, etc.

3. Sing songs nursery rhymes with a mention of parts of a body. Think up exercises in which parts of his body - an eye would be mentioned, a nose, hands, legs, and during the game call them.

4. Play with the kid the games "Soroka-beloboka", "Ladushki", "Koza-rogataya", "Ptichki poleteli". Each game can be finished with a clap in palms and joyful: "Hurrah!"

5. Play a hide-and-seek with an easy scarf. Cover a toy and ask: "Where hare?", "Hurrah! The katyusha found hare!". Cover the head, ask: "Where mom?", "Hurrah! The katyusha found mom!"

6. Show photos of close relatives and you say: "It is mom, this is dad, this is the brother Roma".

7. Hang up the pictures representing animals, geometrical figures, fruit, vegetables, and others. Consider them.

8. In 6 months the child can independently be engaged in a toy. Sit down with the kid on a floor, take for a drive a ball, telling the poem "My Cheerful Ringing Ball". Let's it play with a ball.

9. Leaving the room, wave to the child a hand, speaking at the same time: "So long!"

10. Teach the child to speak "Yes", playing an elephant. Show an elephant toy, and represent as the elephant swings the head up - down, up – down. At the same time ask a question: "What is told by an elephant?", and answer: "The elephant speaks "Yes" - up – down, "Yes" - up – down.

11. Cross the legs and put the kid to yourself on an ankle. Take him by hands or support for elbows. Shake a leg, tell nursery rhymes. During the classes with the child of 6 months sing to him more songs, tell verses.

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