How to be if the child refuses mix

How to be if the child refuses mix

Breastfeeding is the most useful food for the child about one year. However, when for any reasons mom cannot nurse the kid, dairy mixes which thanks to the structure can provide the child with necessary nutritious elements come to the rescue. The refusal of mix can be caused by many reasons.

Mixes which can replace breast milk - much all of them are developed and are issued from different producers and under needs of kids. It is the best of all if the child eats the same dairy mix which suits him and feeds an organism of the little person. However many mothers face such problem when the child for various reasons refuses mix. It often is alarming, if the child does not eat enough mix in day, he will receive less substances necessary for its organism and will incorrectly grow.

It is necessary to understand that reasons for refusal of the child of mix various, many of them are quite objective and should not force parents to worry. Before panicking, it is worth understanding.

Lack of feeling of hunger

To the first, and very often main, the reason that the kid refuses mix is unwillingness is because of satiety. Over time mom will understand what portion has to be for certain age and at how many o'clock this food will be enough. And at first can seem to parents that the child constantly hungry. You should not force him to eat if he refuses mix. It is possible to try to suggest the kid to eat in 30-40 minutes.

The growing teeth

The teething which involves a general malaise of the kid is one more common cause of refusal of mix. At some children this process sometimes is followed also by other violations of digestion – nausea or a diarrhea. Besides, can be ill the child a gum, and finding of a small bottle in a mouth strengthens painful feelings. Parents are recommended to suffer and wait this period if for several days the child eats less usual, in it there will be nothing terrible.

Other reasons

Sometimes so happens that the child does not like mix which is offered by mom. For this reason it is better to choose one mix which will suit him and will be pleasant and to feed the kid with it constantly. Too concerns the choice of a small bottle and a pacifier, the child can refuse to eat if to it it is inconvenient. Having tried several different options, it is necessary to find suitable more it not to change. The disease of a stomach or other indispositions can also be a reason for refusal of mix. Attentive mom will notice at once that something disturbs the child, and will be able to find the reason of it to try to eliminate it. Most often children with pleasure eat mixes in time of acceptance of food put by it. If the kid refuses food, you should not panic, better quietly to understand the possible reasons and ways of their elimination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team