How to be if the child the lefthander

How to be if the child the lefthander

Since the birth all children are divided on the basis of the prevailing hand, but division it unevenly. The child the lefthander is inevitably allocated against the background of most of peers at least because it is much more right-handed persons. Nevertheless, such distinctive feature should not cause concern or rejection neither to children, nor to their parents.


1. The Levorukost is most sharply shown during this period when your child begins to write. Therefore it is better to try to define this feature in advance and ready to be sensitive to react to its manifestations. For this purpose resort to the pediatrician or the children's psychologist. Parents should learn in detail from the expert all features of lefthanders and to follow simple, but necessary councils.

2. Never try to retrain the child on the right-handed person. This violent intervention was used in former years at school, today negative consequences of such reeducation are confirmed by psychologists and teachers. Reeducation can lead to deterioration in ability to read and write, and can sometimes cause stutter. The sensitive character of the lefthander can become whimsical, irritable, sometimes even aggressive. Besides, loss of appetite, increased fatigue, headaches are possible.

3. Do not emphasize the lefthander's otlichnost from other children, but also do not forget to create suitable conditions for classes for the child. According to lefthanders much less, but it is possible to submit this information to the child especially. For example, you can tell about the famous lefthanders: Gae Julius Caesar, Alexander of Macedon, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, etc. It is necessary for comfortable classes that day or artificial light fell on a table on the right side. The desk with all objects has to be specular reflection of a table of the right-handed person, when landing the lefthander has to put forward not the right shoulder, but left.

4. You watch closely way of the letter of the child. The line has to be open, best of all to accustom the lefthander to the direct letter without inclination and to a right inclined turn of a notebook. But you should not order strictly a certain way of the letter, often the child himself finds the most successful for himself to the technician.

5. The most important – pay as much as possible attention to formation of behavioural skills of the child, help it not only practically, but also psychologically. As a rule, left-handed children are dissatisfied with themselves, they are sensitive and vulnerable. Parents have to talk to the lefthander especially softly, carefully and attentively. At the same time it is necessary to remain exacting, to teach the child to concentrate on occupation, to be attentive and responsible. The bad note or no matter performed school task should not be the cause of a quarrel or tough analysis. It is important to explain to the lefthander that with your help, at the due relation to a subject and work on itself, any failure can be corrected.

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