How to be if the kid is jealous

How to be if the kid is jealous

The children's jealousy is a fight for attention of parents in any available ways. Disobedience, whims, fights, demonstration of own ""neschastnost"" - options weight are used. In a similar situation many parents are lost and do not know how to behave.

Emergence in family of one more child can cause children's jealousy. The birth of the younger brother or little sister – a new stage in family life. At first the senior child perceives the baby as a new toy which is curious for considering and touching. But soon the firstborn will understand that the baby lodged in his territory forever. Now it is necessary to share with him toys, the living space, and the most important – love and attention of parents.

The less children have an age difference, the jealousy will be shown stronger. Some children show aggression in relation to the baby, but are angry with the parents who unfairly acted with them this way even more often.

To avoid or minimize jealousy attacks, it is necessary to prepare the senior child for appearance of the kid in advance. Talk to it, explain that you will love it also strongly and after the baby is born. Try to keep already settled family traditions to which the senior child got used: family walks on the weekend, departures on the nature, the fairy tale for the night.

Involve starshenky in care for the newborn. When you bathe the baby, he can bring and take a towel, or help to soap the child's handles. You go all together for a walk, let the child under your sensitive management will carry a carriage with the baby.

Caring together with you for the younger brother or the little sister, the child will not feel abandoned and superfluous in family. Kind of you were busy with care for the kid, surely allocate time for communication with the firstborn: play with it, draw, or have just a talk.

When the kid grows up, take yourself for the rule, never to compare children with each other. It is a direct way to kindling of jealousy and rivalry between children. In every possible way emphasize and cultivate a thought that you are one family, the dearest and close people who have to love and protect each other.

Often children are jealous of one of parents. For example, having come in the evening home to dad it is worth embracing and kissing mom as the baby bursts in crying and aggressive shout: "My mom!" Usually it happens in families where dad works hard and seldom stays at home. In such situation it is necessary to explain to the kid that mom equally strongly loves also him and dad, and the father should trying to spend more time with the child. The main thing that the child understood: you are one family and dad very much loves all of you, at all is not going to take away mom.

It is important to keep confidence in parental love at children. Find the way which will suit your family, and dispel all children's fears and doubts!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team