How to be prepared for childbirth: councils of women in labor

How to be prepared for childbirth: councils of women in labor

Estimated date of childbirth is closer and closer. What to pay attention to first of all? Councils from those who already gave birth will help young mummies not to become puzzled and be ready to a miracle of the birth of the kid.

Process of the birth of the child is rather difficult for the woman. Therefore it is necessary to carry out in advance necessary preparation that appearance of the baby brought only joy.

Eat properly

It is necessary to eat during this period rationally. It is not necessary to overeat. Eat gradually better, but is more often. Food has to be rich with carbohydrates, but contain a minimum of fats. Eat products of plant origin, rich cellulose and fibrous substances more.

It is not necessary to use flour products and sweets. Exclude a pickles, smoked, spicy and fried food. There is a meat doctors do not recommend because it promotes decrease in elasticity of fabrics and can lead to gaps. Do not drink the sweet drinks which are (especially aerated) only natural juice without preservatives. In general, try not to eat what would promote an abdominal distension and gas generation.

How to adjust itself morally

It is necessary to think that everything at you will pass remarkably. Experts who will be able to check a situation will watch therefore you should not be afraid you. At fear of a muscle come to tension, and it can negatively influence patrimonial activity. Therefore it is necessary to learn to relax. It will be helped on various courses and trainings. Talk to those women who already gave birth. They will load you with the positive energy, will share councils, will dispel all myths which, perhaps, prevent you to be adjusted positively. You spend among optimistic people more time, walk in the fresh air, you watch kind movies.

What is required in maternity hospital

Take necessary documents: policy, prenatal record and passport. It is what is required in all maternity hospitals. From things it is useful to you pair of nightgowns washing slippers, a dressing gown, cotton socks. Also take toothpaste, a brush, sanitary pads and diapers. Put it in a package in advance. Separately pack things for the child. It can be pampers, diapers, children's cream, two hats and baby's undershirts. Do not gather too many things. Be limited to the most necessary. If something is required still, then to you it will be brought by the husband. Conforming to these simple rules, you will be able to be prepared properly for the birth of the child and protect yourself from different unforeseen circumstances. You remember, the correct spirit is a guarantee that you will almost not feel pain and when all remains behind, in soul there will be only pleasant memories.

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