How to be prepared psychologically for childbirth

How to be prepared psychologically for childbirth

Childbirth - physiological process of exile of a uterus of a fruit, amniotic waters and an afterbirth after achievement by a viability fruit. The fear of future childbirth and pain, related is characteristic of many pregnant women. It is impossible to give in to fear as fear before pain is absolutely senseless: it can be much stronger or not so terrible. The better the woman is prepared for childbirth, the easier they will take place, there will be less difficulties and reunion of mom and kid will become more joyful. It is necessary to get ready for childbirth just as for pregnancy: physically and psychologically.


1. Pregnancy is not a disease therefore lead active lifestyle. Make this period the most positive. Be engaged in what is pleasant to you from what you lighten the mood. Embroider, knit, sew, listen to favourite music, draw, do appliques, you watch movies which are pleasant to you and walk.

2. There are many interesting classes: gymnastics for future mothers, the yogi for pregnant women. Many women think that they on such courses learn to give birth and breathe only correctly, but actually it not everyone. Group classes for pregnant women are classes a relaxation, pleasant communication, listening of music in a quiet and friendly situation. It is an opportunity to be in an environment of the same future mothers, to openly share the feelings, fears, hopes, to consult to experts and to accumulate experience.

3. You drive away from the head all thoughts about pathologies and difficult delivery. Here the psychologist or meditations can come to the rescue. You have to convince yourself that your kid will be born absolutely healthy.

4. Be not superstitious. Any of superstitions has under itself no medical background and any doctor will tell you that it is nonsenses. Superstitions are born from misunderstanding of the events and inability to explain any given phenomenon.

5. Try to learn as much as possible about childbirth. It will help you to be prepared for processes which will happen to you. Attend together with the husband school for future parents, read literature on development of the child and childbirth.

6. Video of patrimonial process will give you answers to many questions. This not a sight for the faint of heart, but it will allow you to choose a convenient pose for childbirth and to get acquainted with possible problems which can arise during it. Communicate to girlfriends who already have children. They will be able to tell in detail you how it occurs.

7. Carefully approach the choice of the center that there professionals of the business worked. The best confirmation of professionalism are good reviews.

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