How to be transferred from one garden to another

How to be transferred from one garden to another

When mom needs to come to work, the kid should attend kindergarten. However it is not so simple to get to such establishment. It is necessary to stand in line nearly from the moment of pregnancy planning, to collect a lot of documents, to pay initial contribution and so forth. And the baby similar changes in his life not absolutely to taste: to adapt in new collective, to get used to tutors and to a new day regimen – all this is so difficult for vulnerable children's mentality. But it happens that it is necessary to be transferred from one kindergarten to another. How it is correct to make it?

It is required to you

  • The permit direction, the statement for acceptance of the child in kindergarten.


1. The reasons for change of kindergarten can be different: on other residence, work of personnel, food, techniques of classes does not arrange moving or just near your house a new preschool educational institution (preschool educational institution) opens. However they are not of particular importance. Time there was such situation, it is necessary to resolve it.

2. According to the current legislation you have the right to transfer the child from one kindergarten to another. For this purpose the permit direction issued by the commission on completing and also existence of free space in the preschool educational institution chosen by you forms the basis. Therefore for a start take an interest in kindergarten to which you want to be transferred whether it is possible, whether there is free space for your child and what documents will be required for translation implementation.

3. If in new kindergarten there is a free town for your kid, take away documents from the previous preschool educational institution, collect all necessary documents for new, write the application for acceptance it in kindergarten. If there is no place, it is necessary to wait in the general turn.

4. A case can be required to pass medical board in some anew. However it is rather simple to take away a personal record of the child from the previous kindergarten, to take from the local pediatrician the certificate that the child is exciting and to approach with these documents in a health center of new preschool educational institution. It is possible if at the child all vaccination is done according to the schedule, you in due time brought a payment for keeping in kindergarten and the kid did not support the translation period.

5. Not important, for what reasons you are forced to replace preschool educational institution, try to make it as less as possible konfliktno. If you are translated because you do not accept tutors or something else in work of kindergarten, you should not talk with voices raised to the manager and to row. Who knows how business will develop in new preschool educational institution. If to ask you about the translation reasons, tell that to you it is so simple more conveniently.

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