How to begin the child's feeding up

How to begin the child's feeding up

The first months after the birth of the kid his feeding is possible only in two ways: either this breast milk, or dairy mix suitable child. But time does not stand still: the kid grows, and comes it is time to acquaint him with other products. And during this period before young mothers there is a question: how to begin a feeding up of the child it is correct? What products to enter the first and in what quantities?

 Some pediatricians recommend to begin a feeding up of the kid since five or six months. Other experts are sure that it is possible to lure the child only when he cuts through the first zubik. However there are some physiological factors which demonstrate that yours the baby is ready to acquaintance to food, new to it.

  • The child learned to sit. Even if he sits only several minutes and with your help.
  • The weight of the kid doubled in comparison with body weight at the birth.
  • The kid is constantly hungry and asks a breast.

 Do you observe all these indicators at the child? Means, the kid is ready to a feeding up. But how to begin a feeding up of the child it is correct not to do much harm to it?

  • Any kind of a feeding up needs to be given before feeding by a breast or mix.
  • To do not pass a possible allergy, the feeding up needs to be begun with one product and to give it not less than five days. Only after that it is possible to enter the following types of a product.
  • It is necessary to begin a feeding up with fruit juice (usually apple), and then to gradually enter juice of other fruit, excepting exotic and those which can cause allergic reactions (for example, strawberry).
  • The dose of the first feeding up has to be minimum – several drops. Gradually increasing volume, you will without serious consequences reach the necessary norm.
  • Vegetables for a feeding up need to be entered, since small doses and only in the boiled and ground to a state by puree look.
  • Meat, eggs, fish – products which are not recommended to kids to nine – ten months. They need to be entered especially carefully.
  • Products, new to the kid, need to be given in the first half of day in order that there were no problems with a tummy at night.
  • If vaccination is necessary to you in the nearest future, then it is worth waiting with introduction of new products to a diet of the kid.
  • Temperature of a feeding up has to be for the baby comfortable and habitual – about 35-37 degrees Celsius.
  • If the kid does not like taste of a feeding up, he spits out it, turns away or even cries – at all do not insist, try later better. Trying to feed the child with force, you can impart disgust for useful and necessary products.

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