How to begin to feed up the child

How to begin to feed up the child

Problem of the first feeding up - one of the most important for young mothers. They begin to read literature, to study domestic and import schemes of introduction to a children's diet of new products, to discuss various recommendations with girlfriends and relatives and stay in search of an ideal feeding up. Since three months the child needs additional food. Thanks to a feeding up he receives the mineral salts, vitamins, fats, vegetable fibers and other useful substances necessary for normal development and growth. Besides, acquaintance to new products puts the correct flavoring orientation at the kid, he learns to chew, use a spoon and a cup.


1. Before entering a new product into the child's diet, surely consider state of his health.

2. Since two months the kid can give fruit and vegetable broths. It is necessary to begin with five drops and to gradually increase a dose to fifty milliliters a day.

3. In four months enter juice: apple, carrot, cherry and blackcurrant. They need to be given on several drops, daily increasing a dose. Apple juice has low acidity and improves activity of digestive organs. Carrot is a carotene source, increases organism resilience to infections, and juice of blackcurrant is very rich with vitamin C.

4. In five months of the child it is possible to feed up porridges. They are an important source of carbohydrates. It is better to begin with rice or buckwheat. A lot of starch, and buckwheat - vitamins and mineral substances supports Rees. When the kid gets used to one of types of porridges, it is necessary to cook porridges mixes which contain at the same time several grain.

5. In the same time you enter mashed potatoes into a food allowance of the baby. On consistence it has to remind liquid sour cream. Then gradually give other vegetables: color and white cabbage, squash, pumpkin, carrots. Begin to give vegetable puree from one tea spoon and you watch closely reaction of the kid. It is better to feed up in the first half of day, then you will have enough time to observe the child. By seven months it is possible to add an egg yolk to vegetable puree.

6. Gradually accustom the child to meat mash and a liver. Use low-fat grades of beef, veal, a rabbit. The malsh is recommended to give fish at the age of nine months. Remember that seafood often causes allergic reactions.

7. Fermented milk products have to be made especially for baby food. Yogurts which are on sale in shop cannot be applied to the child's food up to one year. Preservatives, thickeners and flavor enhancers are added to most of them. The best fermented milk product for the kid is usual kefir and acidophilous milk. Use only freshly cooked food for the child's food.

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